Tuesday, 14 April 2015

STRIPTEASE,professional advice

Striptease: what is good and what is bad will try to figure it out! 
Most people have heard the word "striptease", appear in the head of writhing naked pictures of girls on a pole. And few people is that this strip is actually what he is good and that it could be wrong. Let's first look at the dictionary. Striptease (Eng. Strip strip tease tease) variety show, member (or members) of which the music gradually stripped naked. Thus, the strip is, first of all, beautifully delivered a show that brings great aesthetic and visual pleasure. In addition, the strip has a strong impact on eroticizes men, which leads to their sexual fantasies and sexual arousal. The need for a contemplation of something beautiful and nice looking inherent in all people, just everyone in varying degrees. Most of those who like to watch striptease satisfy exactly this need. 

Striptease is the ability to undress beautiful and sexy in a professionally staged dance, but basically all the dancers improvise. In the dance striptease important to be able to control the body so that the wake in the spectator sexual desire. Simply put, striptease an unusual "teaser" that animates early sexual fantasies, making them more visible, more imaginative and almost felt. Striptease as a profitable business to be distinguished from erotica quite natural desire of women naked in front of someone you love in situations that allow intimacy, when the ability to throw off the clothes, while maintaining the ease and naturally, increase sexual attractiveness of women, make it irresistible in the eyes of men. It is considered that the absolute nudity sexy. And it is well known striptease performer who first "stimulate" the audience dancing in long underwear and stockings, and completely undress until the end